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The company’s modern-day history begins in 1914 when the company started its activity with its own oil mill. The same year, Mr. Giacomo Crespi, the founder, was awarded a Gold medal at the International Expo of Genoa “for its very fine olive oil”.

In 1960 the oil production was followed by the production of brine-cured olives.


In 1978 the company begun the production of dried tomatoes, according to Ceriana’s old tradition of drying the tomatoes on balconies and terraces. These activities were soon followed by the production of pesto, crèmes and all of the other products currently sold by the company.


In 1995 the company started the production of its renown naturally infused oil.


Today Crespi is experiencing a new era. The new, modern, production site is now fully operative and the company is following its tradition, focusing on all of the products that made the Crespi brand well-known all over the world.


“We put the name Crespi on all of our oils, olives and pesto. And we would never put it there if we weren’t absolutely certain of the quality of our products”

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